Best Network Marketing Companies

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Interested in network marketing? Don’t choose your company based on the upline and someone trying to ‘sponsor’ you in…consider carefully what the company ethos is and the strength of the product first. Here are some of the best network marketing companies…

The Best Network Marketing Companies (2020)


With an excellent BBB rating and sporting a spot on Forbes’  Midsize Employers list in 2018, Scentsy has been selling scented products since 2004. While their flagship products are electric candle warmers, they sell many other products including fragranced wax, wickless candles, scented natural oils and diffusers, household cleaners, scented laundry liquid, and body care products.  For just $99 one can get started as a Scentsy consultant. This includes 80+ scent testers, product samples, business tools, a free personal website for 3 months (only $10 a month after that), and a gift for becoming a member.


Younique is a makeup, skincare, and fragrances distributing online store. They have been operational since 2012. They score an A+ BBB rating and have nearly 1.2 million distributors in their network. The membership to become a distributor is $99. They have several popular products, with the Moodstruct 3D Fiber Lashes being considered their flagship product. Some of their other notable best sellers are the Moodstruck Epic mascara, Touch Mineral liquid foundation, and Moddstruck Splash liquid lipstick. The company’s mission is to help to build up women’s self-esteem with their products, as well as providing validation for their outer and inner beauty.

Arbonne International

Arbonne is a direct sale company which distributes skincare products and cosmetics which botanically based and free of chemicals. Arbonne has been operational since 1975, clocking in 45 years in the game. They have amassed more than 250,000 distributors and earned an A+ BBB rating. The cost to join Arbonne requires a $49 registration fee, as well as the purchase of a starter kit. The kits come in 3 varieties including the $296 nutrition value pack, the $311 skincare value pack, and the combined $528 skincare/nutrition value pack.


Amway is one of the original multi-level marketing companies, originating in 1959, and for a long time was the most popular company of its type in the world. They specialize in the sale of beauty, health, and home care products. Their flagship product is the Liquid Organic Cleaner (LOC), a multi-purpose cleaner for all surfaces. It has been recognized by the EPS for containing the safest ingredients of any other surface cleaner and their biodegradability. With more than 3 million worldwide distributors in over 100 countries, it remains one of the biggest companies of its kind in the world. They have an A+ BBB rating and there is a $62 registration fee, with an optional $99 starter kit to join. 


From the time of being established in 1886, Avon has been one of the most recognizable names in selling a full line of products for women (and even for men) in the realm of fragrance, skincare, wellness, fashion, home products, and jewelry.  Rivaled only by Amway, Avon is the biggest network marketing company in the world. It costs $25, along with three tiers of starter kit options, to become a member and Avon’s 6 million distributors As a member you get a free personal website and additional sales tools. Avon’s reputation was built on door-to-door sales. They have however struggled to adapt to the world of eCommerce and have fallen behind in their standing, as do some other major long-standing iconic brands as more competitors enter the market.

Pampered Chef

Offering line kitchen items, cookbooks, and food products, this 65K member network marketing company is doing something right. The Pampered Chef hosts anything from three-way calls to living room parties to introduce its line of kitchen-centric products to the public. With an A+ BBB rating, it is not a surprise that the somewhat pricey Pampered Chef allows new members to join after filling out a consultant agreement and buying a starter kit. The kits come in the basic ($109), deluxe ($159), ultimate ($249) tier variety. The company’s stoneware bakeware has been a customer favorite for a long time. While an established company, however, it is not one that can really sustain any member with an income like it could a couple of decades ago.


This venture started by the NFL’s late Charles Ragus, the company was founded with the goal of giving back to the community and does so in the form of health-centric products to help you slim down and get in shape. Advocare has remained a stable and profitable distributor of meal replacements, protein recovery, muscle growth, and fat loss products. It also sells dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and fiber products, with Advocare One/8 being the company’s most prolific seller. It has been around since 1993 and has an A+ rating with the BBB. With upwards of 390,000 distributors, Advocare continues to offer memberships to people who need to buy their $59 Distributor Kit. To be a member you must pay a $50 a year renewal fee, but AdvoCare offers a 100% buy-back from anyone who does not feel that the business model works for them.

Rodan + Fields (R+F) 

Rodan + Fields is a distributor of cosmetic solutions, as well as skincare products support. Their flagship product, Proactiv, initially focused on dealing with acne, but they sold the rights to Guthy-Renker, and no longer sell that formula. They continue to sell various other skincare products like Redefine, Soothe, and Unblemish. To become a consultant for the company and join their 200,000 existing members, you only need to purchase a $45 Business Portfolio. After being created in 2002, the frustration of low department store sales forced the company to go into social commerce as their business model of choice. The continue to receive an A+ rating from the BBB.

Mary Kay

Operating since 1963, Mary Kay is on par with Avon for the most well recognized and distinguished direct sale company for cosmetics, skincare products, fragrance, and body care accessories. With 3.5 million distributors and a staggering $3.25 billion revenue, Mary Kay not only continues to be the leader in product quality. On the business opportunity side, there might be better options. Regardless of that, their popularity is as prominent as it has ever been. To join, Mary Kay offers a $100 starter kit filled with full-sized demo products, brochures, DVDs, samples, and special offers. In addition, $30 is required to enrol in the Mary Kay Personal Website program. 


Herbalife is a nutritional supplements company, who also distributes sports nutrition, weight management, and personal care products. This billion-dollar company has operated since 1980, so it has a longevity to its credit. Their worldwide network of about 8,000 members sells wellness, health, and skincare products directly to consumers. The BBB gives them an A- rating. They are surely a legitimate business, but they have been plagued by legal hurdles, dealing with a 2016 fine by the FTC due to being charged with reported deceptive earnings and needing to pay out a settlement to almost 350,000 people. 

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