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Because so much work goes into running a personal blog as a business, it’s a good idea to get a blogging assistant. In short, there are so many tasks involved in running a blog such as writing, SEO, Social Media and image editing that it can be overwhelming to try to do it all yourself.

Hiring a Blogging Assistant was a MASSIVE Step Forward for my Blog

My blog really turned around when I hired Prabhu, a blogging assistant from Tamil Nadu, India. He works just a couple of hours a day for me Monday to Friday and has freed me up massively. This means that I have had more time to plan content and develop the websites. It’s basically given me the opportunity to look at my statistics properly and allocate resources to the projects and blogs that need them. This is something that only I can do as a small business owner. And so it made complete sense for me to hire help.

Advantages of Hiring a Blogging Assistant

It’s really amazing how much more you can get done with an extra pair of hands and a small budget of around $200 a month. Here are the main advantages of hiring a blogging assistant…

  • Progress quicker towards your goals with an extra pair of hands
  • Outsource the jobs you hate or are not good at
  • Free yourself up to do the things you love and are good at
  • Give you time to take a step back and look at statistics and the bigger picture
  • Time for forward planning and content planning
  • Another opinion or someone else to share ideas with
  • Less stress!
  • MOTIVATION! Yes, if you have someone waiting for their work it will motivate you to get stuff ready and you will find that you work quicker and more effectively

Where to find a Blogging Assistant

You can find a blogging assistant online on platforms such as or People Per Hour. They often advertise themselves as a VA standing for Virtual Assistant.

Of course if you want to make money as a blogging assistant, you can set up your profile on these platforms and offer your services for a little extra cash!

If you are living in the UK or USA you can hire some great assistants from India, Philippines and many other countries where English is widely spoken but wages are less. This will mean that you get more for your money, as long as you are ok with giving them support and working with a time difference.

My assistant is on Indian time and works mornings, so he is working on my projects between 5am and 7am my time! This means that I need to set his work very clearly the night before and log on as soon as I wake up to support him and see if there have been any problems. BUT it’s well worth it to get the help. He’s getting a good wage, I’m getting the extra pair of hands – everyone’s happy!

What tasks can a Blogging Assistant help with?

Blogging assistants often have diverse skills including image editing, content editing and basic website skills (such as updating plugins). Here are some of the main things that I outsource to my blogging assistant….

  • Sourcing creative commons images and editing them to be the right size for Featured images.
  • Uploading to Media Library and setting featured image.
  • Designing Pinterest pins
  • Adding alt tags to images.
  • Editing blogs – adding affiliate disclaimer, H2 Titles and bullet points for lists.
  • Internal linking structure – making sure that every blog links to another blog and has a blog linking to it.
  • Keyword research on Keysearch, Ahrefs or SEMRush
  • Scheduling social media content
  • Blogger outreach – sending a pre-written email to fellow bloggers for guest posts

These are just a few of the tasks that you can outsource to a blogging assistant. So, if you’re considering hiring an assistant for your blog, don’t hesitate! Go for it! After all, you can always start with a trial.

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