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What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a tool that helps marketers sell their products online. It focuses on people who want to start their own business but lack the skills to design or code their online business. The tool helps them build their own sales funnel without relying on technical assistance. Through ClickFunnels, entrepreneurs can automate their entire sales process and control every stage of their customer’s buying experience.

Similarly, ClickFunnels provides customers with a list of tools and materials they can use to boost their sales. These tools include website hosting, landing page design, A/B testing, email autoresponder, affiliate management and much more. They also have many funnel templates, which allows customers greater flexibility to choose how their sales funnel looks. After selecting a template, customers can use their funnel editor tool to customize their sales funnel even further.

ClickFunnels also has an affiliate program. If you are an affiliate marketer, then they may be worth your time and effort.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions by promoting their products and getting them new customers. Whether you are an active subscriber to the program or not, you can promote their products to earn commissions. They also offer you multiple training programs, such as the Affiliate Bootcamp that can help you get started with your journey as a ClickFunnels affiliate.

As a ClickFunnels affiliate, you can earn a 40% recurring commission on the sale of their products. While you will start with a 30% commission when you start, you can opt for the 40% commission once you have 40 active sales, which shouldn’t be difficult to achieve. You can earn even when customers renew their subscription. It means once you refer a customer to the program, as long as they keep resubscribing to the program, you will keep earning your commission. Therefore, the more customers you refer, the higher you will get paid with the program every month.

Apart from that, you can also earn a 40% commission for sales of any of their related products. These products include their books ‘DotComSecrets’ and ‘ExpertsSecrets’, and programs called ‘Funnel Scripts’ and ‘Funnel University’. That means you can potentially earn 40% on the sale of all these products if the customer buys them. They keep track of the customer’s purchases through their sticky cookie feature. That means you don’t have to promote each product individually.

Finally, the affiliate program allows you to lease or purchase your dream car. It is a unique feature that you won’t get with any other affiliate program. It may sound like a scam, but it really isn’t. However, the requirements to qualify for the dream car option are a little high. For every 100 customers you sign up to ClickFunnels, you will receive a $500/month payment towards the lease or purchase of your dream car. For 200 customers, the rate goes up to $1,000 per month. You will still get paid your regular commissions along with these payments.

Reasons to become a ClickFunnels affiliate?

There are many reasons why you would want to become a ClickFunnels affiliate. First and foremost, their product is impeccable and unique. When you promote a high-quality product to your audience, they are more likely to buy the product and convert to sales, which means higher commissions for you. It also means you don’t have to put in a significant amount of effort to promote them.

Another reason to become a ClickFunnels affiliate is that you can earn commissions of 40%, which is recurring. That means you will get paid every time a customer renews their subscription. To top it off, you can earn from the program through more than one method. As mentioned above, you can earn commissions through the sale of their main product or their related products. Similarly, they even help you finance your dream car, which is a unique offer.

Similarly, the people at ClickFunnels want you to succeed as an affiliate. Therefore, they also provide you with the training and tools you can use to promote their products even better. Their Affiliate Bootcamp training is free and provides you with everything you will need to get started. 

How to become a ClickFunnels affiliate?

To become a ClickFunnels affiliate, you will need to head over to What’s Your Dream Car Site. On the website, click on the “Apply to Become an Affiliate” link to start the process. From there, you can fill out their application. The application is straightforward and doesn’t have any special requirements. When you submit your application, you will receive an email after a day or two stating whether you were approved or not.

Tips or extra relevant info

As an affiliate, you can follow some tips to maximize your earning potential with ClickFunnels. These tips are as below:

  • Promote their One Funnel Away Challenge to get 100% commission.
  • Promote sales funnels to your local businesses.
  • Find other successful ClickFunnels affiliates and try to replicate their success.
  • Don’t forget to use their free training. It can help you a lot.
  • Once you join, write a review for the program and help other affiliates out while also benefiting yourself.

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