Matched Betting Horse Racing

Matched betting horse racing is an excellent way to make extra cash online. Plus, if you live in UK, macthed betting is TAX FREE because you won it on the horses! Today I’m sharing my tips on matched betting on the horses. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn from matched bets because the races are over quickly and this means that you can use the money in your exchange to place more bets!

How does it Work?

Essentially, you bet on a horse on the exchange and then bet against (lay betting) on an exchange such as Betfair Exchange or Smarkets. When you do this, you will be slightly down, maybe around 50p-£1 down on a £10 bet. BUT this will be a qualifying bet.

When you place a bet like this (or a series of bets like this) then the Bookie will release a free bet for you. Then you will repeat the process, but this time instead of losing slightly you will be profiting because you essentially ‘release’ the money from the free bet. The winning funds are going to end up in either the bookie or the exchange depending on whether your bet wins or loses. For a £10 bet you can profit around £6-8 depending on the odds.

How to do Matched Betting Horse Racing

ou can do a basic win/lose bet and lay it on the exchange. It’s a simple bet, for example:

  • Bet on Red Rum to WIN on William Hill
  • Bet AGAINST Red Rum to WIN on Betfair

Now the odds are rarely the same on the bookies and the exchange, and so you need to use a matched betting calculator to help you to work out your lay stake.

I recommend signing up with Profit Accumulator. It’s a website that will find all the best matched betting offers for you and has spreadsheets and calculators to use. You can sign up for free.

Benefits of Matched Betting Horse Racing

Matched betting on the horses has several advantages……

  • Simple and easy bets to do – Bet the WIN, lay the WIN.
  • Fast turnaround – Horse Races last minutes and there are numerous races per day. As they are over very quickly that means that the money tied up as liability in the exchange
  • Plenty of Free bets especially at special events such as the Grand National and Cheltenham Festival.
  • More complex betting opportunities for more experienced bettors such as Dutching, Arbing and Accas.

Tips for Matched Betting Horse Racing

Matched betting on the horses is generally straight forward, but here are some great tips….

  • Use a matched betting platform such as Profit Accumulator
  • Minimise the qualifying bet/trigger bet losses – aim to keep them between 3p and 50p.
  • Look for Horse Racing Refunds – Bets where you get ‘Money back if 2nd’. I have made a lot on Skybet from this!
  • There are ‘money back for fallers’ bets – if your horse falls and doesn’t complete you will get a refund, but will still win on the Exchange.
  • Plan in advance to be available at the big races including Cheltenham and the Grand National.
  • You can take advantage of your liability by betting on numerous horses in the same race. Basically some of the liability will be cancelled out. This works well on Betfair.

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