Ezoic Review

You want to make money from your site, so you did the sensible thing and got yourself some ads. But you’re not making as much as you could – hence today’s Ezoic Review!

If you have a website or blog, you want to ensure that you’re earning the most you can (If you run your specialised coffee cup stain photography website for fun, cool, click away now, the rest of us will read on).

Placing ads on your website does not mean anyone will click on those ads. Not that the ads will go unnoticed. They may even reduce traffic because they annoy your readers.

If only there was a way to put the right ads on the right pages so that readers will see ads that will entice them…

Oh wait, there is.

Data Analytics

How? I’m not Google, I can’t analyse all that data!

It’s 2020, there’s an app for everything and believe it or not, there’s a program to take care of your ads for you.

When I transferred my Philosophy blog from Adsense to Ezoic my income shot up from around $60 a month to over $300 a month! 

With 10,000 websites using Ezoic to optimise their ad revenue (and fund exotic holidays and y’know generally living the good life) is there truth to the hype?

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What is Ezoic and why should I use it?

Utilizing artificial intelligence  means every page is smart. That’s the snazzy tagline Ezoic employs. And it’s true.

Ezoic reviews the  sizes of ads and article  and sizes up the sizing for you. It analyses which articles work best on which pages, how many clicks etc and automatically adjusts you ads so that you earn the most revenue. Ezoic treats every customer differently, displaying different configurations, not just on different pages but on different devices with the sam page.

 You can split test the ads you’re already using or use Ezoic’s ads themselves. They actually incorporate adsense, so you’re not giving it up.

Ezoic’s analytics are amazing, broken down by device, article, ad, user, placement, revenue and country. It’ a great way to make money on a travel, health or lifestyle blog.

In their own words Ezoic explains;  “Understanding how visitors engage with a website can make it much easier to optimize. Publishers can determine which content is the most engaging, earns the most revenue, and quickly discover issues or challenges in the way certain visitors interact with the website.”

Faststackblogs says that it grew their ad revenue by 51% on one website, 6.3 on another and 5% on their third website.

Ezoic Review – What does Ezoic offer?

The 3 main services are;

  • Split testing,optimise your ad configuration by working out what should go where to earn you the big bucks
  • Analytics, see which pages are earning you money, which ads work etc.
  • Sticky ads, these are the big earners, ads that follow the reader as they scroll down the page.

Apart from split testing and analytics of your existing ads, Ezoic offers their own ads too.

  1. Banner ads: Ezoic offers a full suite of sizes, including mobile ad; non responsive
  2. Sticky ads (sidebar and inscreen)
  3. Link ads: non responsive
  4. Native ads:  clickbait grids that can work well at the end of articles.

They don’t offer link ads, gutter ads, pop up ads, in image ads or responsive link ads but you can partner it with adsense anyway.

You can place up to 5 ads a page and Ezoic will determine the optimum amount of ads for the length of each page. You don’t even have to think about it.

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t really.

Unlike many other ad services, Ezoic doesn’t take a large percentage ( Or you can utilise their  paying service where you can access big ads, but you have to pay to get them placed on your site).

The downsides would be the fact that there is no live chat with their reps. So whilst their reps are super helpful and thorough, there’s a slight delay for customer support. However, I have always felt well support with Ezoic customer service and they always respond within 24 hours.

Quick tip; Make sure to wrap all your ads under Ezoic because they all affect each other’s revenue. If you just let Ezoic deal with Ezoic ads, you’re not gaining as much as you could.

At the end of the day, there’s no harm in trying something out. Ezoic has a no strings policy, sign up and opt out when you want.

I hope that you enjoyed my Ezoic review. Try it today and watch your revenue shoot up! Click on the link below to get started.


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