The Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Have you just set up as a blogger? If you want to earn from your blog then sign up to a few affiliate programs as soon as possible. The sooner you start adding affiliate links, the sooner you will start earn. But which programs should you sign up to as a newbie? Here are our top 10 affiliate programs for bloggers.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

If you are searching for an easy and reliable way to monetize your blog, the Amazon Affiliate Program is the perfect choice for you. It is called Amazon Associates, and as far as you are a blogger or website owner, you can easily sign up and join the program for free. Once you sign up for the program, you will have to wait for approval, which normally doesn’t take long, and once you have been accepted, you can start placing your created links in your blog posts and articles. Once someone purchases a product you recommended from Amazon using that link, you earn commissions. To receive commissions earned, you will need to add a payment method, and once you have reached the payment threshold, you will be paid.

It is worth noting that it is required by Amazon that you should add a full disclosure on your blog that you will receive commissions from those affiliate links.

2. Etsy Affiliate Program

A lot of people know Etsy as an online store where you can sell handmade and vintage materials, clothing, and even jewelry. But most people don’t know that Etsy has an affiliate program that you could easily earn with. For bloggers, you can easily register and get started with the Etsy affiliate program without delay. The Etsy affiliate program is managed by Awin but Etsy has to approve any application submitted. To join, you will need to pay a $5 application fee and you must have a good amount of content on your blog or website. Etsy pays a commission rate of up to 4% and you can receive your payments via Payoneer or ACH.

3. eBay Affiliate Program

eBay is a popular eCommerce company that gives buyers and sellers worldwide the opportunity to come together. Their affiliate program, The eBay Partner Network (EPN) was launched in 2008 and has been running steadily since then, giving bloggers and marketers a chance to make money promoting their products. The best part is, even if your blog is fairly new without much traffic, you can still be accepted into the program. They also have a low payout threshold and your commissions will be sent to you once a month, even if it is as low as $10. To receive your payments, you can use PayPal or direct deposit, depending on which one is accepted in your country.

4. Viator Affiliate Program

If you are a travel blogger, the Viator affiliate program will be the perfect one for you. Viator is a marketplace online that provides tours, activities, and attractions to everyone. With a wide range of benefits and perks available with their affiliate program, you can sign up with Viator with Awin and start earning a steady income. With active program management, weekly offers and deals, and high conversion rates, Viator offers you a unique opportunity. Viator pays a commission rate of up to 4% on each sale and you can easily receive your payments using different methods like PayPal, Bank transfer, and other available methods.

5. SurfShark Affiliate Program

SurfShark is a strong VPN service that has been used by thousands of individuals online. Their affiliate program offers bloggers the opportunity of earning income promoting their strong VPN service to their readers. As a blogger, you can add SurfShark banners and links to your blog posts and get paid once someone purchases the VPN service. With SurfShark, you will get a dedicated affiliate account manager, a conversion rate of up to 8%, and a whopping 40% commission per sale. Your payments will be sent to you via Wire Transfer.

6. Airbnb Affiliate Program

To join the Airbnb affiliate program, you will need to meet certain requirements. Although the affiliate program is open to everyone, these requirements place a limit on who can be accepted. You will need an audience with up to 1 million views or app visits each month and have a passion for helping people connect. With high conversions rates and a good commission rate, the program is a great choice if you an established blogger with lots of monthly visits.

7. Trusted House Sitters Affiliate Program

If you have an audience interested in house and pet sitting, then the Trusted House Sitter’s affiliate program is a fantastic way of earning income just by sharing the site with your audience. With an offer of up to 20% commission and a high conversion rate, the program is a very reliable way of earning. Just like the Etsy Affiliate program, the Trusted House Sitters Program is managed by AWIN, and to join this program, you will need to sign up using AWIN. Once you have been accepted as an affiliate, you can start creating your own unique links and sharing them with your audience.

8. Twitch Affiliate Program

The Twitch affiliate program is a program that offers streamers a way of earning income online doing what they love. As a blogger, you can earn on Twitch via subscriptions, bits, sales revenue, and purchase of in-game items. To be accepted into the Twitch affiliate program, you will need to put in at least 8 hours of broadcast within the last month, have up to 50 followers and get an average of 3 regular viewers in the last month. To join the program, you will be invited by Twitch through email or notifications. You cannot apply to become an affiliate. For anyone blogging about gaming or related content, the Twitch affiliate program is a perfect one to join.

9. Skyscanner Affiliate Program

A search engine for travel services, Skyscanner is another site that offers an amazing affiliate program. When you choose a booking company to go with and make a purchase after searching with the Skyscanner engine, Skyscanner will earn a commission. So, basically, just like you, there are affiliate marketers in a sense. To join the Skyscanner affiliate program, you will need to register or have an account with Commission Junction as their program is available there. Skyscanner pays you a whopping 50% commission for each purchase made.

10. Target Affiliate Program

Target is a company that has been around since 1902. They went online in 1999 and soon after, their affiliate program was introduced. Just like Amazon, you can promote different products available on Target and earn commissions from them. The Target Affiliate Program is managed by Impact Radius, but to join, you will still need to sign up using the Target Affiliate website. The program is also free to join, making it easy for bloggers that are just starting out to earn without paying first. Their commission rate starts out at about 5% for 0-10 sales per month and increases to 8% if you get up to 10,000 sales each month. But it is important to note that some of the categories offer a commission rate of just 1% and some don’t even offer at all. So, doing research on each category is important before you start promoting.

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