Is Blogarama Worth it?

This week I tested out Blogarama on one of my blogs to help you to decide is Blogarama is really worth it. But first of all, what is Blogarama?

What is Blogarama?

Blogarama is a platform that claims to be the ‘oldest blog directory’ and send you traffic to your blog. There are three plans – the free plan, premium ($4.90 a month) and business ($9.90 a month). I trialled both the free version with and the premium version with my dog blog

Blogarama Plans

My Experience of Blogarama

Submitting my Blog to the FREE version

My initial experience with Blogarama was positive in the sense that I managed to ‘submit’ my blog easily. I could see a no follow backlink to my blog and the posts getting ‘indexed’ although I didn’t really understand what that meant – it’s not Google!

I then started to search around on the platform and found the members area almost impossible to use and with very little information or ways to contact support (and I’m quite tech savvy!) I was not getting any click throughs on my blog from the paid version. Also, I got told that ‘Blogarama’ traffic is seen as spam traffic by most Ad Networks a bit like bot traffic.

I came out of the members area and went onto the directory ( and still when I was searching I couldn’t find any of my posts. I then realised that if my posts were listed it would be there as duplicate content. This is generally frowned upon by Google unless its linked content on legit platforms such as So basically they were not going to be linking to me, but they were going to be posting my content without my permission (nowhere is this mentioned in T&C’s – forgive me if I’m wrong).

How much blog traffic did it generate? ZERO!

Testing Blogarama Premium

For the purposes of this review I then decided to upgrade to the premium subscription and test it out on my dog blog. They started to take $3.90 a month…….for NOTHING!!! I did not see any quality dofollow backlinks showing up on my backlinking profile in SEMRush. I did not see any traffic to my blog as a result of signing up for Premium Blogarama.

I wondered if maybe there was something I was doing wrong….but there was no support, and after my second month I decided to cancel.

How much blog traffic did it generate? ZERO!

Trying to Cancel Blogarama

Now, here is where it gets quite nasty. There is no way to cancel on the platform. There is no phone number to call and no chat support. It’s not even easy to find the email. It became quite clear that they did not want people to contact them, probably because they did not want people to be able to cancel their subscriptions so that they can continue to take the money.

So I finally found the email: and cancelled this way. TWICE! And guess what? The month after…..they still took money! Here’s my email chain to prove it…

Cancelling Blogarama

Basically DO NOT sign up with a paid account on Blogarama as they will take whatever money they want when they want once they have your card details and it will be almost impossible to cancel. If they continue to take money that has not been authorised by yourself (i.e. after cancellation of the subscription) then you can raise this as an indemnity with your bank. Ask your bank to reverse the unauthorised charges and cancel any future transactions with Blogarama.

Blogarama Reviews on Trustpilot

Here’s where it gets even worse….check out the Blogarama reviews on Trust pilot. They are quite consistently getting 1 r 2 stars and comments including ‘SCAM!’, ‘CON!’ and ‘no way to cancel’. I wondered if Blogarama were aware of this and could get a customer service team to review the communication and processes. Here was the response…

Blogarama reviews on Trust Pilot

It’s clear that they don’t give a crap about what their customers are experiencing or saying. They just want to take money for nothing and run. This is the reason why I will never work with or recommend this company again and am deleting my account. Any good business would respond positively and review their processes, unless they just didn’t give a shit like Blogarama!

Blogarama – The Overall Verdict

The FREE version MAY be for you if you are looking for a backlink. However, this is likely to be a NOFOLLOW backlink. BUT I would honestly be completely weary of this platform. There is no support and they are all too happy to keep taking your money for nothing, even after you have cancelled the subscription.

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6 thoughts on “Is Blogarama Worth it?”

  1. Whoa, this is mega helpful. I just signed up with Blogarama several minutes ago, and their verification email seemed sketchy. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to produce organic traffic, but a little help with expanding my sources wouldn’t hurt.

    Any who, this post was the first one I discovered and took time to read through. The goal is sticking with the free plan for now (with whatever endeavor I choose) and see how it goes. As I mentioned at the very beginning, this post is one of the most helpful posts I read this evening. I’m going to withdraw my blog submission right away (if I can). Thankfully, I didn’t pay for the subscriptions so I’m good!

    Thank you so much!

    • I’m glad you found the post helpful. I’m really glad I realised quickly – Blogarama could have really jeopardised my application to Mediavine in the future!

  2. Thank you Amy for your review! I always wondered if it is worth it. I was considering paying the premium, but after reading this, I won’t. What put me off is the issues you had with cancelling your subscription. Says a lot about a site.

  3. Hi Amy, had a slightly different experience with Blogarama, not endorsing them in any way and I recommend that users do some thorough research before using their service.

    Signed up for the Pro plan on Blogarama and submitted our blog through their RSS feed. We set up Canonical URLs on our blog posts to make sure that the copies that Blogarama put up don’t show as duplicate content but a copy of our original articles. We currently have around 80 posts up on Blogarama and 70 links back to our Blog + a single link to each Article showing in GSC.

    Traffic from Blogarama (According to Google Analytics) is around 130 direct visits a day to a variety of articles, users visit 2.2 pages and have a bounce rate of 40%. However this traffic doesn’t show up on Ezoic and I suspect that it is bots.

    I haven’t tried canceling yet but I did use a virtual credit card so won’t even bother doing it “officially” will just cancel that card. 🙂


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