Creative Ways to Save Money

We’re here today to share with you our top creative ways to save money. It’s easier than you think to save if you focus on a handful of small areas but do them consistently…

Walk or Cycle to Work

This one may seem a bit simple, but it adds up quickly. A car is an expensive purchase. From the initial purchase to monthly insurance payments and maintenance, you’re already looking at thousands of dollars, not including the price of gas. For a vehicle that’s driven just 15,000 miles in a year, the average car owner pays $700 a month just in maintenance and fuel fees. Save yourself the time, energy, and cash by turning to greener types of transportation. Walking and cycling are free transportation that are healthy for you, the environment, and your bank account. It’s one of the most popular creative ways to save money.

Packing A Lunch

This is a huge money-saving tip, especially for anyone working a 9-5. How many times have you run out the door late or simply not bothered to pack a lunch and told yourself you’d just eat at home later? When lunch break rolls around, you’re bound to find yourself pretty hungry and tempted to spend the cash on a meal out. By packing a lunch, you can stave off your mid-day hunger pains and save money as well. The same applies for group trips, afternoon hikes, or even family day plans. Packing a lunch may feel time-consuming, but taking the extra minute can add up to big savings in the end.

Groceries on a Budget
Creative Ways to save money – Shop at Places like Aldi and Lidl and make up your Packed Lunches!

Bulk Cooking

If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, bulk cooking is a great way to stock up on the essentials while saving in your food budget. Making meals last is a great way to save money long-term, but as we all know, food doesn’t last forever. Bulk cooking foods like soups or curries and then freezing them for later reheating is a great way to keep your food fresh while making it stretch for ages. 

Charity Shopping

Buying at a local charity shop is good for both your budget and your community, Your local charity shop does a lot more for your community than you know. Besides having clothing and household items at affordable prices for those on a budget, most charity shops are non-profits that use their funds to help those in need. You can find just about anything you’re looking for at charity shops They’re actually one of the few retail stores you can go to and find retro or retired items. If you’re tired of items they “don’t make like they used to,” check out what’s in stock at the thrift store. You can find limited edition collectibles as well. Your purchases will also come at a much lower price than your bigger companies. If you’re looking for clothing, you can get new and like-new brand names for only a couple of dollars each. This helps out a ton when you’re trying to stretch a budget. 

No-Spend Days

Putting it simply, a No Spend Day is any day where no money is spent outside essential bills and grocery budget. In its most basic form, money is only spent on needs and not wants. Wants include take away coffee, lunch out, clothes, shoes, takeaway food, make-up, books, that impromptu sale where you buy another white shirt even though you already have 6 almost identical white shirts at home. It’s also meals out, coffee mornings with cream buns; it’s cinema trips, magazines & subscriptions that you don’t use. Cutting out a splurge every now and then will help you greatly in the long run.

Ask for Discounts

Many stores have hidden discounts that you might not be aware of. Whether it’s for bulk purchases or for other reasons, like first responders, educators, or military, the odds are good that there’s some kind of hidden coupon that the store owners can give to you if you ask directly.

Discount Cards

Many stores, malls, and even cities offer discount cards that will offer discounts in multiple locations. Whether it’s for store credit, free items, or discounted purchases or shipping, a discount card will help accumulate reward points and track your loyalty with the company. This can only end up being good for you as the consumer and will save you money, especially with companies you frequent.

Loyalty Card Schemes

Coffee shops are the most famous purveyors of loyalty cards, but many other restaurants and even some retail stores have begun to offer this benefit. Loyalty cards are punch cards with a certain amount of pre-marked purchases on them. Every time you make a purchase, you get a square marked off. Once you have all your squares punched off, you get a free item as indicated by the restaurant. This is a great way to earn free food at stores you already love.

Lower Your Necessities

Many people assume that fixed bills like utilities, insurance, or other house payments are exactly that: fixed. However, there are certain programs out there that will help you shrink your monthly payments without a second thought. Programs like Money Supermarket or USwitch to help reduce your monthly bills. Negotiate things like health, car, and home insurance with ease and make your bills less and less every year.

Stick to Cash

You can cut down on extra spending quickly by switching to a cash budget. Take out all the money you’ll need for the week in cash and stick to strictly spending that. Once you’re out of cash, you’re done spending. Sticking to your cash will not only give you a better idea of how much you’ve spent since you have a physical reminder of your money, but it will also help you avoid card and transaction fees. 

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