Profit Accumulator for Matched Betting

I get a lot of questions about profit accumulator – the platform that I have been using to helped me to earn money in Matched Betting for a number of years. Today I am going to explain exactly what Profit Accumulator is and how it works.

Introducing Matched Betting

Matched betting is a way to make money online from cashing in on the FREE BETS offered by the bookies. You work with two accounts – the Bookies and the Exchange (such as Beftair Exchange or Smarkets). Essentially you place a bet with the bookies and lay it (meaning you almost break even with a small loss) and this means that the bookie will release a FREE BET. You repeat the process with the free bet – betting and laying – and you can release around £6-8 per £10 free bet. In the UK, gambling winnings are not taxable, and the same goes for money made matched betting!

Now, it’s time consuming finding all of the free bets and mathematically challenging to calculate the lay bet amount and so most people opt for signing up to a matched betting site such as Profit Accumulator. You can sign up for free here.

What does Profit Accumulator Offer?

Profit accumulator is an easy to use platform that finds offers for free bets and Casino offers with the bookies. It has explanations and videos that show you EXACTLY how to complete each offer. It will also tell you whether the offers mentioned are risk-free or not.

Along with the offers and step by step guides that make matched betting EASY PEASY, there are a wealth of other resources including training modules, spreadsheets and various matched betting calculators that you can use for simple and more advanced offers.

profit accumulator

Profit accumulator has a record spreadsheet inbuilt which you can enter all of your bets into and it calculates your overall profits for the month and year.

Start with the Sign Up Offers!

Everyone should always start with the signup offers when they start out matched betting, and Profit Accumulator has a dedicated area for those. Sign up offers means the free bets that the bookies offer when you first sign up as a new customer.

Using the Matched Betting Calculator

With the basic Matched betting calculator, you simply enter whether it is a free bet or qualifying (initial) bet, how much the bet is for, the odds and the exchange commission. It will then automatically calculator how much your lay stake should be – how much you should enter in your bet against on the exchange.

Reloads and Casino Offers

Following the signup offers you can then move onto the reloads and casino offers. Reloads are the free bets that you get from bookies on an ongoing basis AFTER you have signed up. for example, many bookies do a weekly bet Club such as the Sky Bet Club. Also, you can receive a lot of reload offers at the start of big events such as the Premier League or Grand National.

Advanced Offers

Once you have been matched betting for a few months, you will be ready to move on to some of the more advanced kinds of matched betting offers such as Dutching (betting on all of the horses) and in-play betting.

profit accumulator

There are alternatives to Profit Accumulator such as Oddsmonkey, but I personally prefer Profit Accumulator because I find it very clear and easy to use.

If you found this blog useful, you might also like to read my matched betting blog to find out how much money I made in the first few months of matched betting. You also might be interested in becoming a profit accumulator affiliate.

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