Did you know how easy and simple it is to make money matched betting? What’s more, it’s TAX FREE in the UK. I started matched betting over 2 years ago and I am still consistently making money from it. Check out my matched betting blog for the profit reports! Today I’m here to share my top Matched Betting Tips!

Sign up with a Matched Betting Platform

When you start matched betting, it is possible to find free bets yourself and devise your own matched betting calculator or spreadsheet, but it’s much better and easier to sign up to a Matched Betting platform such as Profit accumulator or Odds Monkey.

Profit Accumulator is my preferred option – I just find it so clear and easy to use. Profit accumulator finds the free bets so you don’t have to. It supplies you with matched betting calculators, odds matching tools and matched betting spreadsheets. for each Matched Betting offer it gives you a STEP By STEP guide with a full explanation on how to profit and how much each bet is worth. The subscription is just £17.99 a month, but before you commit you can try Profit Accumulator out for free.

Matched Betting Tips – Start Simple

Do easy bets like win, lose or draw on football or which horse will be the winner. Avoid complex bets in your early days. I would also recommend avoiding things like In-Play tennis unless you are an experienced matched better and tennis fan. I lost about £40 on one bet doing this and it really put me off quite early on!

Do the ‘Sign Up Offers’ First

When you first start matched betting it’s great because (as long as you haven’t already spent time as a gambler) all the new bookie accounts are ripe for the picking, including EXCELLENT free bet offers. Sign up offers are the most valuable because they are usually much higher than reloads. For example, Bet365 actually do a £100 bonus! You may need to roll it over a few times if it wins, but it’s rare that you get bonuses and free bets as big as that.

So when you are a newbie, work your way through all the free bets you can get when you sign up for all the main bookies and rinse ’em!

Progress to Reloads

Once you have completed all the sign up offers, you may think that the fun is over, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The next step is to progress to matched betting reload offers. Reloads are ongoing free bets that you can get as a punter on a more regular basis. This includes weekly bet clubs such as SkyBet Club and Paddy’s Rewards. It also includes extra bets you might get through to your emails or for special sporting events.

You can always profit from matched betting after the sign ups are complete, because of the extensive reload offers available. It’s just that after the sign up offers have been exhausted you may need to spend more time on the bets or do more complex bets such as Accas.

Always be on the Lookout for New Bookies!

The gambling industry is fast paced and ever changing. New bookies are coming on the market while old bookies are closing or going bust. With new bookies always coming into play, this means new sign up offers are up for grabs. So always keep your eye out for brand new bookies for this reason!

Invest in your Exchange

One of my top Matched Betting Tips is to try to start with at least £100 in your Exchange Pot (I recommend starting with Betfair). If possible, put even more in it. This is because the more money that you have in your exchange the more bets you can do at any one time. This is because when you place a lay bet (bet against) on the exchange, you tie up ‘liability’ which is the potential amount that you could ‘lose’. I say ‘lose’ in inverted commas because remember with matched betting you don’t actually lose it but it goes into your bookie account if the exchange loses!

I once built my exchange pot up to about £2000 and I loved it because I could bet on loads of horses all at once during Cheltenham and the Grand National. If I didn’t have a healthy exchange pot I would have limited my earnings during those events.

Don’t be Afraid of the Casino Offers

Casino offers (especially the ones with risk involved) may sound a little scary. But actually if you make sure that you calculate how many spins you need to do they are great fun! Start with the risk free ones such as Castle Jackpot (10 Free Spins).

Then when you are comfortable with those have a go at the ones that are not risk free. These are usually ‘Deposit £10 get 30 free spins’ or ‘Deposit £10 play with £30’. Don’t let the ‘not risk free’ ones put you off too much. For me, I have followed the guides on Profit Accumulator and although I sometimes lose the odd tenner on some of these I’m always up overall.

Consider when the Bets will complete

Sometimes when you bet on football matches that are a few days away or even a week or move in the future. You are then left waiting around to do more bets because so much of your exchange is tied up on other bets as ‘liability’.

Because of the money needed in the exchange to place bets, you don’t want to be betting on stuff way in advance, because then you will be hanging around waiting for it to complete or ‘play out’. So always take note of when football matches are going ahead. If possible, limit your bets to being within the next 24-48 hours.

Unless you have an unlimited exchange pot, that is!

Bet on the Horses for Quickly Completing Bets

Want to speed things up? Skip the football and other sports and concentrate on the horses. Most horse races are over WITHIN MINUTES and so your horse racing bets will very quickly play out. This will release liability very quickly and so you will be able to do a higher number of matched betting offers in a shorter time frame.

Limit Liability by Betting on the same Horse Race!

If you have several offers to complete, did you know that you can decrease the amount of ‘liability’ needed by betting on the same horse race? Some bets will cancel out the liability on other horses, so if you place say 5 lay horse bets with your exchange which will have the bets on with different bookies, you will find that you are using up less liability than if you did it for 5 different races or footie matches. It’s a great trick I learnt on my first year doing the grand national.

Make the Most of Big Matches and Racing Festivals

This leads onto my next point – make the most of the biggest sporting events, it will be when there are a great deal of matched betting opportunities. Ones you shouldn’t miss:

  • Grand National
  • Cheltenham Festival
  • FA Cup Final
  • Champions league final
  • The first month of the Premier League

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