Palfish Review – One of the Best Teaching English Apps

There are different ways of earning online as a tutor. One popular way is by teaching foreign students the English language online. It provides you with the possibility of working from anywhere you like without the restrictions of a daily job. One amazing way of doing this is by using a unique app called The Palfish app and today we are going to talk about this app in detail, covering everything you need to know if you are planning on using this app and helping you know whether working with the Palfish app is the right choice for you.

What is Palfish?

The Palfish app is an app that makes it possible for you to teach English to Chinese kids using your phone. The unique thing about this app compared to other similar apps is that this one can be accessed only through your phone. The app isn’t available for your computer!

This app provides these children with an easy way to learn the English language without having to get a special tutor or teacher. The Chinese students can now go to school in the day to learn subjects like math, science, and history, but then come home and continue their work with English lessons.

The best part is, with the app specifically for mobile phones, it is easily accessible and they can use it whenever they want!

Each lesson on the Palfish app runs for about 25 minutes and Palfish currently has two different English programs, The FreeTalk program, and The Official Kids Course.

How does the Palfish App Work?

Now that we are familiar with what the Palfish app is about, let’s talk about how it works. Let’s look at the two different English programs available in Palfish and what each one consists of.

The Palfish FreeTalk Program

The Palfish FreeTalk program is more of a conversational lesson where the English tutors will set their rates – always around $0.40 – $0.70 per minute – and have free-flowing conversations with the students no matter their age, even including adults. When it comes to the FreeTalk program, the tutors attain full responsibility in planning the lessons or conversation topics, and because they set their rate, they tend to earn a higher amount compared to those in The Official Kids Course. With the FreeTalk program, you don’t need to fill in any application or go through an interview to get started, you can begin teaching right away without hesitation.

The Official Kids Course

The Palfish Official Kids Course is the opposite of the FreeTalk program. It is more organized and coordinated and the students are mostly elementary school children. The students pay for a particular course that was planned specifically for them, the course is then being taught using different activities in the app. In the Official Kids Course, teachers are paid a set rate of about $8 per 25-minute lesson which is about $16/hour. Unlike The Palfish FreeTalk program, to join this program, you need to fill in and submit an application with some proof and evidence that you can teach English perfectly. Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you can then start your tutoring lessons at once.

How to Make Money with the Palfish App

Making money with Palfish is a lot easier even for tutors that are absolute beginners. With Palfish, there is more flexibility in terms of how much you charge, and depending on the hours you teach, you can end up making much money on Palfish. If you choose to use Palfish as a way of earning side income, it seems to before casual regarding how many lessons you do and how you schedule them, which will allow you to choose the perfect time and schedule. But still, you need to be reliable and dedicated as it is important if you plan on staying with Palfish for a longer duration.

Palfish is an app that makes it possible for absolute beginners to get started and build their portfolio from there, while still making money in the process. If you are ready to put in the time and dedication needed to succeed on Palfish, you’ll not only end up making money but you’ll build your client base too, which is very important if you want to succeed in the long term.

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