10 Best Online Teaching apps

It’s becoming easier and easier to earn online, and many teaching apps have popped into the arena over the last few yers. Teaching online is a great way to make some extra cash if you are a native English speaker. You don’t always need specific qualifications to teach online – many teachers of English as a second language are teaching English online without a degree. Here are the 10 best online teaching apps that I use online…

Best Online Teaching Apps


Cambly is the most popular platform for online English teachers.

Lessons are more informal, consisting of chatting with users from around the world. The platform operates 24/7. Simply log on and start chatting to people from all over the world. It’s a great cultural experience.. The rate is $0.17 a minute which is $10.20 an hour.

It’s extremely flexible, log in when you want and take calls until you want to log off either because you drop from exhaustion, fancy having a life or otherwise want a break. Cambly keeps track of your call log and the money gets dropped into your PayPal account every Monday.


Palfish has two streams. The first option caters to adult students who log in and choose a teacher and get started. Lessons can range from 10 minutes during a students bus ride to an hour on a regular basis. Teachers set their own pay, but hold off on charging $100 an hour, most charge between $10 -18.

The more students per class and the longer your lessons, the more you’ll earn.

The second stream caters to young children with set courses. It’s much harder to be approved, even though you still don’t need a degree. It’s more of a regular gig.


Preply allows you to be a bit more flexible, however the forum is highly competitive.

You set up a profile and market yourself to students, parents will contact you and you set your hours and rates. Preply keeps a commission which lessens as your hours increase. The first session with each student, Preply takes 100%, dropping to 33% for subsequent lessons and potentially hitting 18% if you have enough hours.

You don’t need any qualifications but since you’re marketing yourself, the more qualified you are, the easier it will be to attract clients. Preply requires you to create your own curriculum but has a wealth of content for you to use.


Lingoda is the leading ESL (English as a Second Language) platform in Europe, however the pay isn’t great, approximately $12 an hour. You need two years of teaching experience and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification course, easily acquired over the internet).

That said, the students are steady, plus you are given a class and all the materials you need to teach it; curriculum, content and resources. It might be worth taking a slightly lower pay rate in order to achieve a steady paycheck.

Apply either via their application form or send a one minute video – another chance to break out your inner Audrey Hepburn.


iTalki requires at least a TEFL qualification to get started.

Similar to other apps on this list, iTalki teachers set up their own profile and market themselves to potential students. Teachers create a 3-4 minute intro video which students watch and use to decide if they want you. Crack out your Hollywood glam and entice students. To get reviews and climb up the greasy algorithm pole, iTalki recommends that you start off with low prices and gradually raise them as your client base increases.

Post your available hours and students will schedule lessons when it suits both of you.

Amazing Talker

Sign up, log in and the company will match you, based on your profile, with  students for 25 minute trail lessons. If the student likes you, they’ll set up regular, longer sessions for which you can set your own pay rate. 

The average pay is $25 an hour with a 15% commission. Amazing Talker requires a TEFL and the more qualified and experienced you are, the more popular you’ll be. 

Set your own hours with no minimum or maximum limits.

Say ABC 

I know they say they require a degree…. But if you apply and say you’re willing to learn, have teaching experience and a TEFL then they might take you because they believe in giving everyone a chance (although maybe don’t market yourself as Trampy the tramp who can’t teach).

The pay is fantastic and steady. You will be given groups of up to four children, all the curriculum and content necessary plus you can ask for support.

Set your own schedule and fit it around your lifestyle. If you fancy teaching for and then painting a Picasso, writing a literary masterpiece, eating chocolate or raising children, in alternating hours – go for it!


Tutlo is a Polish-based company that delivers 20 minute on demand lessons. Log on and teach whoever’s waiting. Students can request 40 or 60 minute lessons.

Lessons are one to one and consist of conversing with your student who could be a 6 year old Russian, a 16 year old student on the bus to uni in Singapore or a 60 year old business associate from Croatia.

You do need a TEFL and at least 6 months of teaching experience, on or offline. Pay is between $5 -11 an hour and paid via PayPal. 


Cafe Talk allows you to teach a wide variety of skills, from yoga to dance but we’re focussing on teaching English right now (if you hadn’t realised this, go back to the title and start again).

As the name suggests, Cafe Talk is a platform that enables conversations rather than formal lessons. It’s a chance to converse with people from all over the world in order to help them improve their skills. You’ll meet fascinating people and broaden your horizons.

Pick your own hours, decide your own pay. Commission starts at 40% and reduces down to 15% as your hours increase.


According to your level of English, qualifications (a TEFL is mandatory) and experience Skyeng pays $5-15 an hour to teach adults, mainly in Russia but from all over Eastern Europe. 

Not only are you provided with full lesson plans and resources, Skyeng will also train you.

Lessons are 50 minutes long, and the schedule is yours to set and change.

The pay might not be sky high, but the peak hours are much more convenient for those from England and North America.

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