Profit Accumulator Affiliates

Welcome to Laptop Capitalist and today I am going to be talking about Profit Accumulator affiliates. It’s one of my favourite topics to discuss because Profit accumulator is one of my best paying affiliates. I make LESS sales than the more recognisable affiliate systems such as Amazon, Etsy and Ebay, but my payouts are MORE!

That’s because it is a High Ticket Affiliate paying large amounts. You earn a WHOPPING 50% of every customer payment made! That makes the poxy 3-5% on most other affiliate programmes look piddly and hardly worth bothering with!

The other benefit for profit accumulator affiliates is that you are actually helping people. Matched betting is a great way for people to clear their mortgages, pay off their debts and buy something special like a car or holiday.

Sign up to Profit Accumulator

First of all you will need to know how Profit accumulator works in order to promote it. You will need to sign up to profit accumulator here and start to use if for matched betting. You can use the free version without paying if you wish, and just do the first 2 recommended matched bets for free.

BUT I quickly realised how good an earning matched betting was and started doing it on a regular basis, because matched betting is an easy and (if you are UK based) tax free way of making money online. If you don’t know what matched betting is and want to find out more, you can read my matched betting blog which explains it, along with income reports for the first few months.

If you wish to test profit accumulator out with friends and family you can try the ‘refer a friend’ option as a member before committing to the affiliate programme. You will surely get great feedback.

How to join Profit Accumulator Affiliates

To become a profit accumulator affiliate, once you have signed up and used profit accumulator you can sign up as an affiliate. The platform is really easy to use and here are some of the highlights:

  • 50% commission on basic Tier
  • Banners available to embed into blogs and use on sidebars
  • Links available to use in social media groups and email.
  • Payouts the following months after £50 or more is made (these tot up quickly!)
  • Video training materials available
  • Discounts and special offers available to promote to your audience
  • Stats are easy to understand – graphs of clicks and commissions

Here’s what some of the promotional banners look like:

How much can you earn with Profit Accumulator Affiliates?

I am consistently earning between £50-100 a month of passive income from Profit Accumulator from this blog and one other. This is honestly just from previous blogs and without pushing it through new blogs, emails and social media. I’m sure that if I pushed it in these ways as well I could earn much more. I know someone who regularly gets £500-1000 a month in profit accumulator commissions alone.

If you enjoyed this article, you might like to read about using profit accumulator for matched betting.

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