Target Affiliate Program

The Target Affiliate program lets you partner with one of the largest retailers in the US. It is as a great alternative to the Amazon Associates program or the Walmart Affiliate program. The Target Affiliate program allows you to choose from a wide selection of products. It contains some big-name brands that you can easily convert into sales.

How do you sign up for the Target Affiliate Program?

To sign up, you will need to head over to the Target Affiliate program page. You will find a button named “Join Today”. It will take you a 5-step application for the affiliate program. The first part of the application will ask you for your verification information. It includes your country, address, phone number, website, bank location country etc. 

The second part of the application asks about your promotional activities. You will have to provide them with your intended primary and secondary promotional methods and the country you intend to promote in. In this step, you can also provide them with any websites or mobile apps that you intend to use.

The third part of the application has to do with your account within the program. The website will prompt you to provide your First and Last name, your email address, your username and your password. If you are an existing user, you only have to provide your username and password.

The fourth part of your application will ask you for tax-related information for your country. For some countries, Target takes care of the details, and you don’t have to provide them with anything.

The last part of the application is the review part. This part does not require your input but gives you a summary of the program. It also contains the terms of the program. We recommend that you read these terms carefully.

What do you need to join?

Since the Target Affiliate program depends on your audience buying products, you will need a platform with a high audience count. The more audience you have, the more your chances of earning from this platform are. If you don’t have a respectable audience count, then you should look the other way. Apart from this, there are no other specific requirements for affiliates.

What Products can you Promote?

You must know that although Target offers a wide variety of products, you cannot promote them all. Target limits you to only four categories of products that you can promote. These categories are:

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Home & Outdoor Living
  • Baby Gear & Furniture
  • Health & Beauty

How much do you get paid?

Target pays you a commission of 1%-8% based on the category of the product you sell. You get the lowest commission for the Health & Beauty category with a flat-rate commission of 1% per sale. The highest commissions are for the Apparel & Accessories and Home & Outdoor Living categories starting from 5%. However, this commission rate can go up to 8% if you have more than 10,000 net monthly sales.

You can also get paid under the CPA (Cost Per Action) program. You will get paid if any of your referred visitors perform one of the following:

  • Baby Registry
  • College Registry
  • REDcard Signup
  • Wedding Registry

Is it worth it?

Target is one of the top retailers in the US, although not as popular as its competitors Amazon and Walmart. Compared to its competitors, you’ll find that Target does not provide the best commission rates. However, they do offer you a 30-day cookie which is significantly higher than the others. So, if you can work around the lower commission rates, it is worth it.

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