Becoming a Freelance Copywriter

Becoming a freelance copywriter is a very beneficial, rewarding and interesting job. To start with, being freelance means you are your own boss. You get to decide how often you take on work, what kind of work you do and the price you charge.

Of course, you should aim to work collaboratively with the client to ensure you get their needs and prospects right but, everything is pretty much up to you.

Freelance copywriters are also high in demand. This for many different reasons. Perhaps your client has a great idea but doesn’t know how to put it into words or, maybe your client doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands and requires some assistance on some projects.

Another benefit is that fact you don’t require any formal education to be a freelance copywriter. You don’t have to have studied writing or literature at university or college. You simply need to have a good grasp over the English language (or any other language you are writing in), the ability to understand the grammar rules, a good imagination and the ability to complete research for any topics that require it.

Finally, an amazing benefit is that you choose when and where you work. There are no set hours or locations as such when working. Of course, you need to work how long it will take to complete a project to ensure that it is delivered on time, but you can work in the morning, afternoon or evening – whatever suits you! Also, in regards to location, pick somewhere where you have minimal distractions and a place where you can think. This could be your bedroom, an office or cafe.

The biggest skill a copywriter should have is great skill and understanding of the language they are writing in. Without this, you would struggle to create a good piece of writing. Furthermore, a good vocabulary is a must. You don’t want to be starting every sentence the same way. This is very important if you’re writing a creative piece with lots of description or a very intellectual article. Moreover, a good copywriter should have great research skills. You are likely to come across topics you know little to nothing about but this doesn’t mean you can’t take the job. With the ability to research topics, you can find all the information you need to craft a good piece of work by using online and literature resources.

There is always a high demand for copywriters. With so many content creators out there, there are so many different topics you could come across. If you have a particular writing niche then this is excellent for some specialised pieces. Perhaps you are great at crafting fantasy genre stories or have a great knowledge of the Russian revolution. Use the skills and knowledge you already have in your work. Also, with the ability to research and be creative, you are able to cater to a lot of niches and specific areas which allows you to generate more customers which means you receive more income. Having a niche is great but versatility is a great skill to have as a freelance copywriter.

There are a few ways in which you can begin working as a freelance copywriter. Firstly, you could create your own website which gives you complete control and the ability to send specific traffic and customers to your site. The likes of WordPress and Squarespace are excellent resources you can use to create a professional-looking website.

On the other hand, you could use other websites such as Fiverr. Fiverr is a great platform for any freelancer that offers any kind of service. With copywriting being in high demand, there is a lot of competition on Fiverr however, if you produce professional quality work and offer competitive prices, it won’t be long before you get some orders in. All orders start from $5 but, being a freelancer, you are in control of how high you price your service. Also, as you grow a stronger and loyal customer base, you can begin to increase the amount of money you charge. To sign up to Fiverr, you simply create an account on their website and set up your services which are known as ‘gigs’. The site is completely free and easy to use and navigate.

Finally, some tips and advice for freelance copywriters. To begin with, always give yourself enough time to complete jobs and ensure they are delivered on time. By having good time management, you show your customers you are trustworthy making them more likely to hire you again. Also, make sure your work is professional and well researched. After all, you are being hired and trusted to complete a piece of work and so you should be delivering a piece of a high standard.

The likes of platforms such as Fiverr has a review system where clients can review the seller. These reviews can be seen by anyway and so you want you revived to be good to ensure you get more sales. Lastly, enjoy! Copywriting is a job where you get to be creative as well as possibly learn about new things you may never have come across if it weren’t for you having to research it. It truly is very rewarding!

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