Fiverr Alternatives

Fiverr is an excellent freelancing platform. But, it’s not the only one! It’s often a good idea to register on several platforms as a freelancer. Here are the 7 best alternatives to Fiverr:

1. Upwork

When it comes to Fiverr alternatives, Upwork tends to be high on the list. A few years back, two freelancing platforms merged to form one platform, Upwork. Since then, Upwork has been growing stronger, and right now, they claim they have up to 12 million freelancers and up to 5 million registered clients. These clients post up to 3 million jobs every year, making Upwork an estimated $1 billion yearly. Unlike Fiverr, which tends to work in the favor of freelancers, making it possible for them to set up their profiles and offer different gigs which a client can purchase, Upwork works a bit more in the favor of the clients. On Upwork, the clients can easily put up a request and different freelancers will bid on it, to try and land the job. If you are looking at a client-oriented platform where you can easily freelancers to work on your project, then Upwork is definitely for you.

2. Guru

Whether you are a beginner just starting, or a skilled and experienced freelancer, Guru is a great alternative to Fiverr. Guru is a popular platform that makes it easy for clients to find freelancers willing to work on their projects. Started in 1998 as, Guru has been around for a long time and continues to grow bigger each year. Although compared to Fiverr, Guru isn’t as popular with companies and businesses, it is still a great option if you are looking to diversify your revenue sources

3. PeoplePerHour

Another great freelancing platform that is an alternative to Fiverr is PeoplePerHour. A popular and reliable platform that you can easily find professional freelancers to work on your project, it’s a platform that is growing bigger and bigger each year. Just like Fiverr, you can easily buy and sell services using the same platform, and you can offer your services and skills to clients looking for them. Although PeoplePerHour is a great platform for beginners just starting, they tend to charge high commissions and fees, which can be discouraging, especially if you are a new freelancer just getting started.

4. TopTal

What sets TopTal apart from all other available freelancing platforms is its rigorous vetting and screening process. Toptal makes it their goal to offer clients a high quality and professional freelancers that possess exceptional skills and claims to hire only the top 3%. With Toptal, you will be assured that any freelancer that works on your project will handle it perfectly for you. But their screening process tends to act as a barrier for freelancers looking to work on the platform, especially if you are a beginner with no portfolio.

5. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a Fiverr alternative that offers freelancers a chance to start earning income. It is an online platform that posts different remote jobs and tasks that freelancers can easily do from home. Companies and businesses looking for highly skilled freelancers to work on their projects remotely will pay the site to post their jobs and projects for a price of $299 per month. If you are a freelancer, all you need to do is sign up on their website and choose a category you are good in. Then, you can easily scroll through the listed job requests and once you find something you can handle, you apply for the position. Then, you will be taken the company’s site where you can apply for the position and start working remotely. If you are a freelancer looking for a long-term job position, then We Work Remotely is the best place to search for it.

6. Freelancer

Freelancer is another popular Fiverr alternative that has been around for a long time. Similar to Upwork, Freelancer has stated that they have up to 25 million registered users and have completed up to 12 million projects, with different companies and businesses using the platform to get their projects done. When it comes to the job posting and bidding process, Freelancer works similarly to Upwork, but unlike Upwork, freelancers on the platform can only send up to 8 proposals to clients before they are asked to upgrade to a paid account. Earnings on a project are on an hourly basis, and the platform includes time tracking as one of the features provided so that both the freelancer and client can keep track of the hours worked. And just like Fiverr, payments will be sent to your PayPal account after the project has been approved.  

7. Simply Hired

Unlike all the other Fiverr alternatives, Simply Hired is a completely free search engine that gets you access to different jobs and tasks available, no matter your location. Once you search for a job using a specific keyword, Simply Hired gathers information about available jobs from all over the internet, according to different categories. You can easily narrow down your search by searching via location, salary, or specific company. If you are trying to land a remote job online, Simply Hired offers you all the resources you will need to do that.

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