Top Affiliate Programs

Here are the top affiliate programs that you can sign up for to make money on your blog. I absolutely love AWIN and Amazon. You will find your favourites depending on which platform you like and what you want to sell.


AWIN is an affiliate marketing network that has been in the industry for some time now. Although not as big a name as some others on this list, AWIN is still one of the top affiliate networks. With over 15,200 brands to choose from, it offers you one of the best alternatives to some other big-name affiliate marketing platforms. With AWIN, you get paid twice every month with a $20 minimum payout. Similarly, the platform is overall user-friendly and straightforward to use. You do need to go through their approval process first, though.


ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks with almost 4,000 listed merchants. There are over one thousand merchants that are exclusively on ShareASale, that you can’t find on any of the other affiliate networks. The network became a part of AWIN in 2017. However, it still operates independently. ShareASale provides affiliates with statistics related to the offers they are running, thus, giving them a better insight into each program. The network also allows affiliates to compare different offers, making it very easy to evaluate those offers. With ShareASale, affiliates can get paid a minimum of $50 on the 20th of each month. 


Amazon is a big brand name that needs no introduction. Amazon also has an affiliate marketing platform known as Amazon Associates that allows you to promote all Amazon products. With their wide range of products to choose from, you will never run out of things to promote. Using the network doesn’t require any effort on your part. Their products are also easily promotable due to Amazon being a household name. However, due to their popularity, being an affiliate with them comes with a cost. Amazon pays you lower commissions and makes you wait longer to get paid with a payment cycle of 60 days.


Similar to Amazon, eBay is another household name. You can partner up with eBay to promote different products listed on the platform. They offer a variable commission rate according to the product you choose to promote. Their commission rates are also much more attractive compared to Amazon. They also allow you to use different tools and widgets to your advantage to promote products. With eBay, you also don’t have to make much effort to promote products, which means you can convert your leads into sales easily. They pay commissions once every month, usually on the 10th of the month.


As one of the oldest names in the affiliate marketing world, ClickBank is a reliable network trusted by many. As an affiliate marketing network, they have gone through some ups and downs. But, as of now, they are one of the top affiliate networks out there. With ClickBank, you can promote both digital and physical products. They also have some of the highest commission rates among the affiliate marketing networks. ClickBank offers you a weekly payout scheme which means you can get paid four times in a month. They also have some joint venture programs that allow you to earn even higher. However, you may need to put some time into selecting products to promote due to some low-quality products in there.


JVZoo is another big-name affiliate marketing platform. Although a relatively new name, JVZoo has worked its way through to the top. It is also one of the affiliate networks that focus on digital products rather than physical goods. JVZoo’s commission rates vary according to the product you choose to promote, but some products can fetch you more than half their selling prices. The network is suitable for you if you are focused on promoting digital products. You don’t even need a website to qualify as an affiliate since they let you host a landing page with them. Similarly, they offer you unlimited cookies length, which is unheard of in the affiliate marketing industry. They also let you get paid instantly through PayPal, so you can get withdraw your money whenever you want to.


Like ClickBank, Rakuten is also one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks. Although not as big as some other names in the industry, Rakuten more than makes up for it through their offered features. They give you more control over where you can send your traffic to on their website with their Deep Linking Options feature. Rakuten also offers you some unique features such as Ad Rotation to allow you to customize your ads accordingly. They do, however, have a very unpredictable payment structure, where you get paid after the network has collected payments from its partners.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction, or more recently known as CJ, is arguably the biggest name in the affiliate market industry right now. Almost every major brand has an affiliate program on CJ, which means you don’t need to go anywhere else to promote different products. Their success comes due to the features and ease of use of their platform. They also provide you with some powerful reporting tools to better understand your performance. The payment structure is also very straightforward, which lets you get paid promptly. Due to their popularity, though, they are more advertiser-oriented and may not provide the best customer support to their affiliates.


VigLink is an affiliate marketing network that people often tend to ignore. However, they are worth considering, especially for bloggers. Their features are designed specifically with the needs of bloggers in mind. They also allow affiliates to choose between CPC and CPA offers, or sometimes both, to earn the maximum income. VigLink also has a unique feature that automatically scans your content and dynamically generates affiliate links for you. They also allow you to use some powerful tools to your advantage, which are still straightforward to use. Viglink is a recommended platform for bloggers who want to take a backseat and let the network do the work for them. They pay their affiliates once a month.


Flexoffers is another top affiliate network that affiliates tend to overlook. It may be because they don’t offer you anything unique features that the other affiliate networks don’t already provide. However, they do offer you some powerful tools to use to maximize your earnings. They have thousands of affiliate programs that you can choose from to promote. Similarly, they categorize their programs under easy to use sub-categories, which can help you find what you’re looking for easily. With Flexoffers, you also get a dedicated affiliate manager to help you along your affiliate marketing journey. Flexoffers pays its affiliates much faster as compared to other networks but only offers payments through PayPal.


SkimLinks is another hands-off affiliate marketing network similar to VigLinks. It is designed specifically for bloggers who don’t want to put much effort into affiliate marketing and need things done for them. The network has more than 24,000 advertisers that you can work with and promote. SkimLinks, unlike other affiliate marketing networks on this list, does not only focus only on the USA market and has some popular non-US brands as well. They offer you some powerful tools to use but still focus on user-friendliness. The integration process is also straightforward and doesn’t require any significant effort. They pay you only once every month.


Avangate is a relatively less-known affiliate network but still one of the top affiliate networks. Avangate focuses more on digital products rather than physical products, with some renowned brands such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Malwarebytes. With Avangate, you can create deep links that take you directly to the product checkout page, thus, maximizing the chances of conversion. They also provide you with comprehensive reporting tools to help you analyze your performance. They offer you different payout options with a minimum payout of $100 monthly. As an affiliate marketing network, they lack the expertise, unlike the other affiliate networks mentioned above. 

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