Gambling Affiliate Programs

Do you have a gambling blog or matched betting blog and want to earn commission by referring people to bookies and gambling platforms? We’ve hunted down the best gambling affiliate programs for you including bookies, affiliate marketing platforms and matched betting affiliates.

Bookies Gambling Affiliate Programs

1. Bet365 Affiliate Program

The Bet365 Affiliate program is an amazing program that offers its affiliates lots of benefits. Once your request to become an affiliate is approved, you will be given access to tons of resources, materials, and links you can use in promoting Bet365 to your audience. It’s one of the most popular gambling affiliate programs out there. Once you promote Bet365 to your audience and they click on your provided affiliate link, sign up and make a deposit to the account, you will receive a 30% commission based on any net win as long as the individual remains a Bet365 member. You will also be given access to different statistics and information on how your marketing is going, which will help you know where you need to make the needed improvements.

2. Pokerstars Partner

When you become a Pokerstars partner and join their affiliate program, you will get the opportunity to promote the Pokerstars brands. These brands include the Pokerstars platform, Pokerstars casino, and Full Tilt. Each of these brands has been active for some time and keeps getting bigger each day. Once you register as a Pokerstars affiliate and start promoting them to your audience, you will get a commission that ranges from 15% – 35% depending on how many new members you can convert each month. Once you earn a commission, you will be given access to it after 30 days, and you can then withdraw it using a payment method of your choice.

3. William Hill Affiliates

William Hill is a race and sports booking brand that has been around for some time now. Their affiliate program gives you access to promote its popular sports betting app and other available offers to your available audience. Once an individual joins using your affiliate link, you will earn a 30% commission each time he wagers through the casino, poker, sports, and bingo games for the next 3 months. You will also earn up to 2% from sub-affiliates. With William Hill, you can receive your payments through PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

4. Unibet Affiliates

The Unibet Affiliates is an affiliate program that involves two brands, Unibet and Maria. With this affiliate program, you can promote these two brands and earn a 20 – 30% commission each time a new member registers and deposit into his account using your affiliate link. If you can get up to 20 new members to register using your link, your commission rate will increase by 5%. For sub-affiliates, you will earn up to 5% commission once they make their first deposit. As a gambling affiliate just starting, you can easily join the Unibet affiliate program and start promoting their brand.

5. Betfair Affiliate Program

The Betfair affiliate program is an amazing program that Betfair uses to give back to its members. It provides you with margins and deals that are highly attractive and developed to fit your needs, so you can easily promote the Betfair brand to your target audience. To join the Betfair affiliate program, you need to sign up with them and make sure you have an audience that is interested in betting on sports, casino, or poker games. Then you have to submit your application and wait for it to be reviewed by the Betfair team. Once your application has been approved, you can start promoting their brand and be rewarded. Their commission rate comes in three structures depending on your promotion method, and each of these methods offers amazing deals to their affiliates and more than 35% commission on all potential customers that you have referred to the site. You can easily get access to the types of commissions available on the Betfair Rewards Plan page.

6. Betfred Affiliate Program

Betfred is an online sport betting website that was created by Fred Done in 1967 and has been growing larger since then. Their affiliate program offers an amazing deal of 20 – 35% commissions rate for sportsbook, casino, poker, and bingo games, and a commission rate of 25% for all side games. They also have a CPA payment plan that starts at $25 and can go all the way up to $150. The Betfred Affiliate Program is being run by ActiveWins and they let affiliates promote all the products and services Betfred has to offer, ranging from Betfred sports to casino, poker, and bingo games. As a Betfred affiliate, you are entitled to cross-product commissions which lets you earn additional revenue without having to promote all the Betfred products. Betfred also offers different tools and resources that you can easily use to start promoting their brand and as their affiliate program runs on the Income Access software, you get to enjoy a wide range of regularly updated tools, accurate statistics, and different available payment methods.

7. Betvictor Affiliate Program

Similar to the Betfred affiliate program, the Betvictor affiliate program offers amazing deals to their affiliates as a way of showing their gratitude for becoming their members. They offer a nice commission rate of 30% for all player referrals, with no negative carryover and as a lifetime deal.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms for Gambling Affiliates


AWIN is a large affiliate marketing network that connects thousands of advertisers with affiliates of all sizes. Using AWIN, affiliate marketers are offered an opportunity to promote products and services from top brands without having to worry whether there are genuine and trustworthy. With AWIN, you can become affiliates of betting brands like 888 casino and promote their brand to your audience. The AWIN affiliate network runs on a CPA type of commission depending on which brand you are promoting. AWIN is available in up to 180 countries around the world and has generated up to £12 billion in revenue for its advertisers and £540 million for its publishers just last year.

2. EGO –

EGO is another popular affiliate platform that is being run by the SkillOnNet casino software. With EGO, gambling affiliates can easily promote different brands and earn a commission of around 20 – 50% depending on the brand being promoted. Once you have earned some commissions on the platform, you can easily receive them using available payment methods such as Wire Transfer, Neteller, and Skrill. It is important to note though that negative balances will be carried forward and will affect the revenues you earn in the future. EGO is available to all affiliates no matter where you stay, and anyone can easily get started and promote the brands available on the platform without fear of restrictions.

3. Viglink

Viglink is one of the best ways you can easily earn money as a gambling affiliate. It works differently from all other platforms and is unique in its own way. Viglink converts normal links into affiliate links and if an individual makes a purchase using the link, you earn a referral commission from it. The amazing part is that you don’t have to sign up for any affiliate account or network before you can use Viglink as Viglink tracking handles everything for you! For example, if you have a normal link to a betting site, you can use Viglink to convert that link into an affiliate link, and if someone uses that link to sign up and deposit money in the betting site, you earn commissions from them! It is important o note though that, Viglink does not affect affiliate links and won’t change them for you. Instead of joining tons of affiliate programs that are available, Viglink offers you the opportunity to monetize all your links without having to go through a lot of hassle. As a gambling affiliate, you can easily use Viglink to turn links into referral links and start promoting these links without having to sign up for any affiliate network.

Matched Betting Platforms with Affiliate Programs

1. Profit Accumulator Affiliate Program

One of my top performing gambling affiliate programs is Profit Accumulator affiliates. Profit Accumulator is a matched betting site that offers its members unique deals and offers that make earning money from matched betting much easier. They also have an affiliate program that gives an opportunity to both new and existing members, offering 50% of every net payment made by their referrals to all affiliates. With lots of resources and tools that you can use to get your affiliate marketing journey started, amazing stats, and tracking features and payments that are always on time, you can join Profit Accumulator’s affiliate program and start earning just by promoting them to your audience.

2. Oddsmonkey Affiliate Program 

 For matched bettors in the UK, Oddsmonkey is well known. They provide their users with a lot of tools and services that will help them earn from matched betting and they have unique features that make matched betting much easier. What most people don’t know though is that they have an affiliate program that offers an amazing 50% commission once you get someone to sign up and become a premium member. If you have an existing audience on social media or a website, you can sign up as an Oddsmonkey affiliate and start promoting them to your available audience, and once you get someone to sign up, you earn commissions!

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