Earn Money Online as an iTalki teacher

iTalki is an online language learning platform for students who want to learn different languages. The platform connects students and teachers through video chat. It allows for students to have online 1-on-1 sessions with teachers. If you want to start teaching online to start making some extra money on the side or as a full-time job, then iTalki may be worth a check.

The platform launched back in 2007. By now, it has become one of the leading online teaching platforms. It means that on this platform, you will find a lot of students willing to learn any language you can teach. While iTalki is well-known for online English classes, you can also teach other languages there such as Spanish, French, Arabic, etc.

Don’t think of iTalki as an online school but think of it as a freelance platform that allows you to offer your teaching skills. Your job, as a teacher and freelancer, is to propose your skills to your students. However, due to its popularity, the platform is very competitive for new teachers. Therefore, make sure you stand out. 

Become an iTalki Teacher – How to register?

The iTalki platform takes the registration process very seriously. Therefore, we highly recommend you to understand what is required of you first.


You can apply either as a professional teacher or a community teacher. Applying as a ‘professional’ teacher requires you to have professional certificates or experience in teaching the language. The more qualified and experienced you are, the higher your chances of approval are. You must also provide iTalki with scanned copies of your documents related to your training or experience. The professional teacher is more difficult to break into but does have its benefits.

To apply as a community teacher, you don’t need any professional certifications. However, any relevant experience with teaching a language can help increase your chances of approval.

For both the above options, you need to be at least 18 years old. You must also be a native or near-native speaker. You must also send them a 1-3 minute introduction video of yourself.

Application Process

To start your application process, head over to the iTalki website and signup. You’ll need to provide them with some information regarding yourself. iTalki will review your application which can take two weeks or ten business days. You’ll receive an email confirming or rejecting your application. However, this review is just a pre-approval. 

Once you are pre-approved, you must take a quiz based on a few videos and fill in a related survey. You must also book a group video call with iTalki teacher services. You must complete both of these steps within ten days of your pre-approval email. If you fail to do so, you will have to reapply. Once you pass the quiz and have your video call session, they will review your application even further. You’ll receive an email accepting or rejecting your application.

How much do they Pay?

As an online freelance teaching platform, iTalki allows you to set your rates per lesson. For ‘professional’ teachers, the rates start at $8 per session while for ‘community’ teachers, they start at $4 per session. Professional teachers are also allowed six lessons per language, while community teachers are only allowed three. The maximum price can go up to $80 per session.

Pros and Cons of being an iTalki Teacher

iTalki, as an online freelance teaching platform, has its pros and cons. The pros are:

  • You can select the level of students you want to teach.
  • You can set your rates for lessons.
  • You have control over what you teach rather than following some outdated curriculum. 
  • The students are well-behaved, motivated and actually want to learn.
  • You can work from home.

The cons are:

  • There is no certainty you will earn a respectable living from it.
  • You will need to customize your curriculum for every student. 
  • You might have to work below your rate at first to attract students.
  • You’ll not get any other benefits such as holiday pay, etc. that you would get as a full-time teacher.

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