Is online article writing for you?

Do you want to make an additional income online? Have you ever thought about online article writing? It may be a great fit for you especially if English is your native language. as it can

Can you write?

 If the answer is yes, then you can write articles online, sell them and make money.

You don’t need qualifications, training or experience. Writing is a skill. Whilst talent can and should be honed by practise and training, if you have the gift of prose, then you have the ability to sell that talent.

The internet is full of content. Not everyone can create it. So businesses, blogs, marketing companies, they all want excellent writing that will bring traffic and boost their sales.

If you can string words together until the sentences sing and the paragraphs preen and you enjoy doing it – then what are you waiting for?

A quick google search will bring up hundreds of people screaming about how easy it is to earn big off content writing. Are they telling the truth? Yes. How do I know?? Because I started off as a freelancer with no qualifications in writing, just a dream and ink in my blood.

Within your first month you should start seeing great returns.

Ok, you’re sold, your fingers are itching for the keyboard – how do you get started?

I’m going to break down all the ways you can make money with online writing and then I’m going to give you the secrets of success.


There are several websites that allow you to set up a profile in minutes.

Fivver is the easiest. Set up a profile, offer a gig and wait for clients to contact you – then get writing! Check out the other gigs in your niche to find out what’s selling and how to market yourself.

Other freelancing sites like those listed below, allow writers to set up a profile and then bid for jobs that are offered. If the buyer likes your rates, offer and portfolio, you’ll get the job. They can be pretty competitive but once you get into it, you will start earning and the better the quality of your work, the more likely you are to land repeat clients.

Best Freelance Sites

Some of the best freelance sites for workers are;

  • upwork 
  • iWriter
  • Bloggingpro
  • Guru
  • People-per-hour
  • Flex jobs

I would recommend only joining – maximum two websites! Otherwise when work takes off you’ll end up swamped. If you decide to ignore my sage advice and try out a few, see which ones are working for you and quit the least lucrative. 

Job boards

Another way to find jobs is to use job boards. 

If you’re looking for freelance work, it’s a little harder to sift through, but persevere and reward will follow. Short term jobs in online article writing will be posted.

Job boards are a great way to set yourself up in a more permanent job if that’s what you’re looking for. The starting salary for a content creator hovers around $2000 a month! Pretty sweet.

I’ve listed some of the best job boards so you don’t have to slog through google and work out which websites are worthwhile through arduous trial and error. You’re welcome.

  • Angel list
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • Freelancer
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Simply hired
  • LinkedIn – ok, LinkedIn really requires its own category but I’ve listed it as a job board because through reaching out, you can use LinkIn to find work easily although competition is very strong.

Content Mills

If you can get yourself hired at a  content mill, you’ve basically got it made. Content mills are marketing companies that produce content for their clients using a pool of writers. It’s not as flexible as freelancing but it’s reliable and the pay is ongoing.

Cold emailing

If you’re brave – email a website you think needs some help or that you would like to write for, or companies that are doing well but aren’t Amazon – Amazon don’t need you, neither do google- and email them with a portfolio and offer your services. Offer an article or an email and set your price high, at least £200 to sound credible.

Paid guest gigs

A quick google search will help you find blogs that will pay for submissions. Search for a specific niche and you have a better chance of success.

Tips for Online Article Writing Success

Don’t give up! Initially, money may take her time rolling in. You need to build up a reputation. Trust me though, when it starts to rain, it pours.

Start off painfully cheap and exhaustingly fast. Once you have reviews and a client base, gradually increase your prices.

Apply to every writing job you see. 10 in a day if you can. Don’t worry if they want experience and qualifications you don’t have. Write a confident, fabulous and compelling email/application, attach some killer content you’ve written and wait and see. What do you have to lose?

Online article writing is fun (you get to research all sorts of fascinating topics)and lucrative. Try it. You’ll thank me.

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