Best Survey Apps

Looking to make money online? Survey apps are a great way to do this, although remember that you might have to get through a high number of surveys before it starts to become financially worthwhile! Here are some of the best survey apps out there…

1. Swagbucks

One of the biggest names when it comes to surveying sites, a name that’ll always popup is Swagbucks. But sometimes, being a big company doesn’t always guarantee genuineness. But Swagbucks certainly deserves it’s spot as one of the biggest survey sites as it has a lot to offer and provides you with a different method of earning. With Swagbucks, you can either earn through paid surveys, while shopping online, when browsing the web with your computer, when playing games on the site, by watching videos on Swagbucks, through deals and offers, by inviting your friends to join the site, by doing micro-tasks, and they even have a daily bonus system where you can earn points just by logging in!

It is easy to sign up with Swagbucks. All you have do is go to Swagbucks’ sign up page, where you can easily sign up with your Facebook or Google account details. Swagbucks supports almost all countries too! Swagbucks pays via PayPal and gift cards.

2. InboxDollars

Another great survey site you can use to earn cash is InboxDollars. 

If you live in the US, InboxDollars has many daily earning options. The payout threshold is a little bit on the high side but processes much faster and easier. InboxDollars was created by Darren Cotter in 2000. It has been around for a while, which is great and provides proof that it’s legit as it has lasted this long. According to them, they have paid out over 57 million dollars to its members.

InboxDollars has different earning options for its members apart from taking surveys. You can easily use them to earn side income that might come in handy for you sometimes. The payout threshold is $30, and once you reach that amount, you can then get paid via check, PayPal and their e-card.

3. Toluna Influencers

If you need a site that pays you for your opinion, Toluna Influencers is a great choice. A lot of surveys are available on the site and it has an app too to back it up. Toluna Influencers claim that they listen to their user’s voices and pay them at the same time. With Toluna Influencers, you can either earn through surveys, playing games on their site, content creation, and also through contests that are being held. On Toluna Influencers, points are awarded to you for each survey successfully completed. You can then exchange these points for cash that will be sent to your PayPal account, for different vouchers, products, or entries into their monthly cash lottery. The method of payment available depends on which country you live in. In some countries, you can even get paid in Bitcoin.

4. Survey Junkie

An amazing site with decent earning opportunities, Survey Junkie is a site worth joining. If you are living in the USA, Canada or Australia, it is certainly a great site for you. With Survey Junkie, the main earning opportunity is by taking surveys. For some users though, you can also earn through Product testing and Paid phone surveys although this isn’t offered often, probably around once or twice per month. When you take surveys on Survey Junkie, you receive points. You can then exchange these points into several rewards depending on which country you live in. You can get paid with PayPal and you can get paid in e-gift cards too, for example, Amazon or iTunes gift cards.

5. CashCrate

Another amazing site that has been available since 2006 is CashCrate. With CashCrate, you can either earn through paid surveys, through offers, when playing games on the site, by watching videos, and through referrals. When you take a survey on CashCrate, complete an offer, or any of the other earning options on CashCrate, you will earn cash in dollars. Once you have earned $20, you can request a payout. The first time you request a payment, you’ll receive it through check. But after the first time, you can get paid through PayPal, which is better, as it is much easier and faster.

6. LifePoints

Unlike the others, LifePoints is a survey site that was launched recently and hasn’t been around for that long. With LifePoints, you get a lot of earning potential. You can either earn by taking surveys, participating in the free contest, and a bonus you’ll receive once you join. When you take a LifePoints survey, you are awarded points. You can then exchange these points and get paid in different ways. In their store, you can either select between getting paid in cash through PayPal, gift cards, or even donating to charity.

7. Zap Surveys

Zap survey is an app that you can use to earn by participating in surveys. They don’t have a website and you can only gain access to them using their app. You can either participate in surveys, refer your friends, or share the app on social media to earn. To get paid, you will have to reach the payout threshold of $25 which to me is a bit high, then you will be able to cash out through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or e-cards.

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