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If you are earning money from matched betting online, you will need to register with some betting exchanges. Overall, I recommend working with at least 2 or 3. There are several reasons for this – some have better commissions than others and some have better odds. I go for Betfair as my main account and then also have a Smarkets and Betdaq. Whichever you choose, here are the top 6 betting exchange sites in 2020:

1. Betfair

Betfair Exchange has grown to be one of the biggest online betting exchanges in the world, and it keeps growing every year. It’s around for more than 20 years. For beginners, starting with Betfair is the perfect choice as it has much liquidity in the markets, offering you a lot of opportunities. Unlike other exchange sites, the commission you pay on Betfair can vary and will change from time to time.

Betfair use the Market Base Rate (MBR) to calculate how much commission you will pay and for UK and Ireland customers, it is set at 5%. Betfair also offers special features like live streaming and unique betting options that make them stand out. Although their desktop site is a bit difficult to use if you are a beginner, their mobile app is much easier to navigate and provides a smooth betting experience.

2. Betdaq

Compared to Betfair, Betdaq is a bit smaller but still popular enough to come in second. They offer an excellent commission rate of 2% for different markets like football, cricket, horse racing, and virtual sports, and they are completely reliable with an easy to use platform. Although the liquidity rate in the markets is a bit lower and might pose a challenge for you, you can still find a lot of opportunities with Betdaq.

An interesting feature on Betdaq though is the trading tools offered on the site, which are completely free, as far as you have an account with them! They also provide great offers that make them stand out from their competitors and as a beginner, Betdaq would be a great choice.

3. Smarkets

Another popular betting exchange site is Smarkets. Established in 2010, it has grown to become one of the most popular betting exchange sites available. With a commission rate as low as 2% or even 1% for Pro Tier customers who place more than 1500 bets, and a site that is completely easy to use even if you are a beginner, Smarkets offers you a smooth experience. They also have an app for both iOS and Android users too, in case you prefer using your mobile device.

Smarkets might be a bit difficult to get used to because the colors of the lay bet and the back bet are green (bet) and blue (lay), so you need to get used to clicking blue to lay (not red like on Betfair).

Smarkets has an amazing feature, the trade out feature, which allows you to cut your losses per contract by locking in profits for both the pre-match and in-play games. This can help you reduce your overall losses and give you a chance at becoming profitable.

4. Ladbrokes Exchange

Another great one is Ladbrokes Exchange. Although the other platforms like Betfair, Betdaq, and Smarkets are widely known, Ladbrokes Exchange still has a lot to offer to its customers and is a great site to start with. Ladbrokes Exchange has a great liquidity rate which is important as without liquidity, placing your bets might be impossible. And this is mainly because they share their platform with Betdaq, which is a popular exchange site.

Ladbrokes Exchange offers a commission rate of 5% which is higher than its competitors, and their user experience is relatively easy too. If you are looking for a great alternative to the larger exchange sites, Ladbrokes Exchange is a great choice.

5. Matchbook

Matchbook is a great betting exchange website that has been around for some time now, and they offer their customers different offers and promotions that they can take advantage of. They charge a low commission rate of 2% or higher if the bet is won and has a vibrant layout that is easy to use. Although the site has low liquidity which could be an issue, it is a good betting exchange site alternative for beginners looking to try out the major markets.

6. Betconnect

Although a relatively new site that was created in 2018, Betconnect is an innovative betting exchange site that has a lot to offer to its members. They have taken the social betting and tipsters features one step further, allowing punters to share their latest bets with friends and family and giving members a chance to copy profitable betters. Their commission rate is charged at 3% regardless of the bet outcome, which is better than what competitors offer, and their platform is very easy to use, as it is constantly updated to meet their user’s requirements.

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