Matched Betting Casino Offers

In the beginning, I must admit I was scared of Casino Offers. I think that mainly I was apprehensive because a lot of them were risk free. But once I was over £2000 up, I thought, why not – it’s time to give them a go!

What are Matched Betting Casino offers?

Matched betting casino offers are when you get free spins or a bonus such as £10 casino bonus and you use it to your advantage to win and draw out when you are up. There are two main types of casino offers – risk free and risk based offers.

Casino offers are usually spins on the slot machines but on Profit Accumulator there is a great Black Jack Strategy that gives you the best chance on Blackjack. It’s also quite fun to learn for if you ever actually go to casinos!

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

Make sure that you always read the terms and conditions when you do a casino offer. It’s important to note that if your winnings are turned straight into cash, or if there is a WAGERING requirement. If there is a wagering requirement this means that you have to play through another amount or even roll it over (bet it again) a certain number of times before you can withdraw. Of course, the ones that are instant cash withdrawals are always the best!

Risk Free Casino Offers

Start with the risk free casino offers because on those you simply can’t lose, but if you win then you withdraw. The risk free offers are usually ones that encourage you to sign up to a new casino and then they give you 30 free spins or 50 free spins for example. These are great because you don’t need to deposit you just play and if you lose it doesn’t matter because it wasn’t your money.

Sometimes casinos such as Casumo won’t let you withdraw less than £10. You might win say a lower amount such as £5.86 and it won’t let you withdraw. In these situations you can pay in an additional £10 and then drawer out the full amount – your deposit PLUS winnings, so you would draw out £15.86 in this example.

Risk Based Casino Offers

These were SCARY for me at the start! I hated the idea of depositing £10 and completely losing it. But, on the whole I ended up being UP overall and so I came to terms with the fact that I would be losing the odd tenner to profit long term.

And it totally works!

Once I put a £10 deposit and played most of it through. I was down to about £3.00 when the free spins were released. 30 free spins later I was withdrawing £132!!! For 20 mins on the slots!

Some give you free spins such as deposit £10 and get 50 free spins. Others give you a bonus for example deposit £10 and play with £30. To be successful you need to know EXACTLY how many spins you need to do to qualify for bonuses or withdraw your winnings, so I always count them and then set the autoplay for roughly the amount I need to do and then let it run.

My Favourite Casino Offers

Some of my favourite Casinos with offers are:

  • Casumo
  • SkyVegas
  • William Hill
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • Admiral Casino (Risk free initial offer)
  • Castle Jackpot (Risk Free initial offer)

Quite often after you have played a few rounds you will get on the mailing lists for the casinos and they will send you emails about free spins and bonuses. You can then work out how to do them.

How to find the Best Casino Offers

It can be time consuming searching through bookies websites and google trying to find out these offers and deciding whether or not they are worth it. I use Profit Accumulator to take away that stress because it does it all for you. It lists all the casino offers and lets you know whether they are risk free or not and EXACTLY how to do them.

A word of caution – don’t get carried away on the slots or even worse, addicted. The reason that this works for me is because I only ever deposit the minimum and ALWAYS withdraw after the bonus has completed. I never continue playing ‘just for fun’ because it’s a dark road to go down, seriously.

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