Get Paid to Answer Text Messages

At any given minute, people all over the world are sending and receiving millions of text messages. Have you ever thought about trying to make money from your love of texting? You can turn your love of quick messages into some cold hard cash. You always have your phone on you, and that means you always can make a little loot. Some of you are going to be surprised by now easy; it is to turn your passion for quick messages into a little side hustle.

We’re going to talk about three mainstream companies who will pay you to send and receive texts and one adult company for those of you who like to get a little risqué.


IQ pays you to answer questions that their users have. You get paid between $.25 to $.50 per question that you answer. IQ pays out via Paypal, which means you don’t have to wait around for a check to arrive in the mail. You can spend your earnings as soon as they enter your Paypal account, and that will make you answer questions with a smile on your face.


At first, you might think that McMoney sounds like an odd way to make money. The truth is, it is a little strange, but they do pay. You download and install the McMoney app. You receive messages every month, and you immediately delete them. Why would anyone pay you to receive messages and delete them immediately? McMoney is continuously testing the phone carriers’ text message delivery systems to see if there are any problems or bottlenecks. You’ll only earn a few dollars per month with McMoney, but you don’t have to do anything other than receive a few messages and delete them.


Fibler is an app that connects people who have questions and experts that can answer them. Before you freak out and say that you’re not an expert, you are an expert at something. Every person reading this has an area of expertise that they can cash in on. The amount of money you will make is determined by what you’re an expert in and how many questions you answer.

Now let’s talk about those adult text messages

We’re not going to spend too much time going over the world of adult text messages that pay you cash. These companies do exist, and they may not be your cup of tea. Not all of them are pornographic, and everyone gets lonely and needs a little company sometimes. If you’re okay with providing that company, these companies are more than willing to pay you for your time.

Here’s the shortlist of adult texting companies

Dream Lover is a company that pays you to talk dirty to people. You choose the rates, and the end-user pays them. Chat Recruit is primarily for those in the UK. It appears to pay about $.25 for every text that you send out. MyGirlFund seems to be a site that offers virtual girlfriends who text guys. The payout is a little confusing, and you might make a dollar per text. If you want to make money with MyGirlFund, you should contact them and discuss payments before you sign up.

Getting paid to text isn’t a dream

It’s a reality, and texting can put some much-needed money in your pocket. You have your phone with you day and night, and it’s probably not making you any money at all. Turn your phone into a cash register by getting paid to send and receive texts. You’ ire texting anyway, you might as well make some cash doing it.

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