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Earning income as a student can be difficult. You either have to look for a part-time job that will fit into your schedule or look for different types of micro jobs you can do online so you can earn money. Most of the time, these jobs aren’t things you enjoy doing but you can’t stop them because you need the money. Unitaskr came up with a solution to this problem. A solution that will benefit students immensely, allowing them to earn while doing something within their skill range, something that they love doing. If you are interested in finding out more about the Unitaskr app and how it works, this article will talk about everything in detail, explaining all you need to know about the Unitaskr app and how you can use it to achieve your purpose.

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What is Unitaskr?

Unitaskr was co-founded by Oliver Jacobs and Joseph Black. The Unitaskr app was built to provide students the opportunity to get paid using their skills and experience, while still connecting businesses, companies, and households with skilled, talented and trusted students, who will handle their tasks effectively and professionally. With over 48,821 students presently registered and open for tasks on the app, Unitaskr keeps growing day by day and has been recognized by large brands and companies such as Forbes, The Guardian, and The Tab.

The app is available for download on the Google play store, the apple store and you can even access it directly from their website. Although Unitaskr is currently only available for those living in the UK, the Unitaskr team is working on making the app available in different regions. For students in the UK looking to earn online while doing what they love, Unitaskr is a perfect choice.

Visit their website here.

 How Does the Unitaskr App Work?

To get started with the Unitaskr app, you will need to register an account and then once you try to accept your first task, you will be asked to verify your account, so your identity as a student can be confirmed. When you sign up as a student, you will be asked to set task alerts for different categories. Choosing a particular category means you have experience in that category and once a task is posted, you will receive alerts immediately. You can then easily choose whether to receive these alerts by push notifications or through emails, whichever one works best for you.

Thousands of different tasks are being posted on the Unitaskr app every month, and currently, on the Unitaskr website, it was stated that tasks of more than £175,186 were posted in the last month. Businesses and households looking for competent and skilled individuals to help them with different tasks post these tasks on the Unitaskr app, allowing thousands of students to earn online without doing part-time or odd jobs that might interfere with their school schedules.

How to Make Money with the Unitaskr App

Once you complete your signing up process in the Unitaskr app, you will then be shown to the job board where different tasks are being posted. When you accept your first task and asked to verify your identity as a student, you will then provide your sort code and account number, making it possible for your earnings to be paid directly to your bank account. Once this is done, you can then earn with the Unitaskr app through different methods. You can offer your services as a freelancer or work as a student influencer, or you can offer to complete different tasks and jobs available on the site.

For the freelance services, you can choose to offer your services to clients in a particular category you are skilled in like writing, design, or other available ones. As a Student Influencer, you can earn money by shouting out brands across your social media platforms, although you will need a minimum of 500 followers on your social media platform to become a student influencer. Offering to complete different tasks and jobs available on the website is another way of earning with the Unitaskr app, and you can accept to do different types of tasks available depending on the amount of time you have and where you are located.

As a student, the Unitaskr app is the perfect place to earn an income without losing focus or skipping your studies. You can easily start as a beginner on the app and build your reputation to become one of the most trusted, which will give you an opportunity of earning more. Businesses and companies can also utilize this app, using it to complete different tasks that they might find hard to get done.

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