How to get paid to play Games

A perfect way to relax and have fun after a long day is to turn on your console or computer and play your favourite video game! Besides being entertaining, these games can be challenging and work as a great way of putting your brain and thinking skills to good us. If you enjoy video games and are a good player, why not get paid for doing what you love? Today’s article is all about how to get paid to play games.

That’s right! It’s possible to be paid to play video games. In addition to this, depending on your level of skill and success, it is actually possible to earn money playing video games than working at a more traditional job. Some people are making 8 figure sums of money simply playing on their consoles. So, here’s how!

Become a Videogame Tester

The first possible way to earn money by playing video games is to become a videogame tester. This role is considered as one of the original ways to make money while playing video games. Game developers hire game testers to play an early version of the game. Now, the tester isn’t just playing for the sake of it. While playing, they are looking for any bugs, glitches or issues that can be found within any of the game itself which allows for the creators to fix them before release. The national average salary for game testers in the USA is $67,813. Compare this to the average salary across all industries, $44,564, and already we see how great this job really is. It’s important to note that, as fun as it sounds to play video games all day, it is a lot of hard work. For example, testers must do a Matrix Test. This means they must play as all playable characters in the game, play every level, explore every area and do every possible task. This is to make sure all areas of the game are searched for bugs or glitches.

Become a YouTuber with a Video Game Channel

Another method, which has become more popular and respectable in recent years, is to become a Youtuber. Youtube is a worldwide platform where content creators make and upload videos which can then be viewed by anyone in the world. A particular Youtuber, Pewdiepie, who is known for playing video games is the 6th highest earner on the platform. In 2017, he managed to earn a total of $12 million by playing video games and providing commentary. An important factor in your earning potential on Youtube is your following or subscribers. There are ways you can increase youtube subscriber and view count and this includes ensuring your commentary is entertaining, playing and uploading games which are popular and trending and uploading guides and tutorials on games as a whole or on a specific area of them.

Become a Video Game Journalist

Furthermore, if you have a passion for video games and a talent for writing, you could become a video game journalist. This is less of a high earner than some other things mentioned, earning you an average salary of $26,000, however, it is a brilliant opportunity nonetheless. To do this job, it would be advantageous to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and possibly some experience. This experience could come in the form of an internship or perhaps writing for a school newspaper.

Become a Customer Service Rep for a Video Game Company

Moreover, you could work as a customer service representative for a video games company. On average, a game company representative would get paid an average of $13.64 an hour with some employees earning up to $20. Some companies such as ‘Jolly Joysticks’, created by Dylan ‘Eggward’ Egan, actually hire people to play their game and provide assistance through the in-game chat. Although this job does mean you are working within the video game industry, the biggest skill required for this field of work is customer service.

Live Streaming on Twitch

Another excellent online platform, similar to YouTube, is Twitch. The idea of Twitch is that, instead of simply uploading content, creators live stream videos of then playing video games. A notable Twitch streamer, Ninja, was able to make $10 million in 2018 from a combination of advertising, sponsorships from brands and companies and overall Twitch subscribers. Ninja is on the top 10 of earners so, for those less known on the platform, you can expect to make anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000.

Earn from Winning Gaming Tournaments

Lastly, there is such a thing as gaming tournaments. These can’t be considered as a consistent method to earn money as they don’t happen all the time however the video gaming industry has seen tournaments for cash prizes featuring popular games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. One successful tournament player is Timothy Miller who is believed to make $322,000 a year from Fortnite tournaments. Tournaments are probably the easiest way you can potentially earn money from playing video games however, to do this, you need to have a good level of skill.

In conclusion, there are so many ways to make money by doing what you love so why not turn your hobby into a job! If you become as successful as the examples mentioned, you can be earning a healthy amount of money but, even if you’re lesser known, you can still earn a living while having fun!

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